Anti-Gun Banks


Bank of America again attacks the firearms industry, saying it will “Stop Financing Makers of Military-Style Guns” (April 10, New York Times).

You may recall that BoA was at the forefront of Obama’s “chokehold” scheme. Along with crooked AG Holder’s bullying, it put many firearms retail shops and ranges out of business and damaged many others. I paid off my BoA credit card and stopped using it until they dropped Obama’s boycott. But now, they’ve instituted another sanction, as you can see above. So, this time I’m killing it for keeps.

I looked for a CC company that does not nor has ever sanctioned firearms makers or dealers and decided on the Chase Freedom Card, which returns 1.5% on all purchases. While searching, I turned up the factoid reflected in the title of this article. Herewith a sample:

Bank of America…Wells Fargo…JP Morgan Chase…Citibank.

What do these four banks have in common?  Besides being “too big to fail” they also are too arrogant to actually give a damn about their customers.

According  to MagnifyMoney, which analyzed complaints made to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB),these banks are the top offenders in…well…offending their clientele.  From predatory lending to misleading fine print and outright theft due to improper foreclosures, these banks have time and again gulled, cullied and diddled the American people out of billions of dollars.

Yet, not only do these four banks rate as the most complained about financial institutions in the country but they also all have policies in place to punish, deny and/or harass American’s who DARE to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.  I don’t mean that these banks simply hide under the naive cloak of gun free zones in their establishments. No, these banks have systematically and aggressively attempted to undermine the business of firearms in this country.

Bank of America has twice attacked gun manufacturers with monetary terrorism in recent years. McMillan Firearms Manufacturing were forced to close their accounts last year and transfer their business infrastructure elsewhere simply because they manufactured firearms. Once word initially got out BoA tried to do the two step and say that is not what they were doing and for good measure added in that they support the troops. No really, that’s what they said.

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