Defending Pepper Spray Use


AN INTERVIEW WITH ATTORNEY PENNY DEAN  Defending Pepper Spray Use Gila Hayes – Armed Citizens Network, April, 2018 Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network was the first legal defense system ever to be endorsed by the NRA. Gila Hayes, Director of Operations and wife of founder Martin Hayes, has over many years presented some of the most important and revealing interviews ever published with leading experts in the area of firearms defense. For all of us who carry firearms daily, the present interview should serve as a lesson as to possible consequences of having to even present your weapon, which is classified as “assault with a deadly weapon” in most jurisdictions. It also suggests why police don’t shoot only to “incapacitate” perpetrators, unlike the “white hats” on TV who never have to face civil suits or departmental charges. Read the article HERE. And join ACLDN at their home page HERE.