TARYAG Laser Training Cartridge for .223 / 5.6 Rifles


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TARYAG pistol cartridge customers know how accurate and durable our cartridges are, and urged us to launch a line of cartridges for rifles. Now, after months of testing, we are pleased to present our own TARYAG Laser Training Cartridges for Rifles. These cartridges are made to the same high technical standard as our pistol cartridges and have been tested in a variety of rifles to ensure consistency and accuracy. Like our pistol laser cartridges, our rifle laser cartridges will aid in improving target acquisition and trigger management, and will be of particular value for adjusting actions and triggers, iron sights and optics.

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TARYAG Laser Cartridges meet or exceed the accuracy and durability of laser cartridges costing nearly twice as much.

  • Works with any laser target app – free apps are available at Google Play or the App Store.
  • Batteries last approximately 3000 strikes, are inexpensive and readily available online.
  • Replacement O-rings and laser switches are always in stock.
  • Ideal for aligning iron or laser sights up to 50 feet.


  • FDA and CE Certified
  • Laser Wavelength: 635nm
  • Laser Type: Visible Red Laser
  • Power: <5mW
  • Batteries: 3x Alkaline buttons
  • Sighting Range: 5-100 yards
  • Dot Size: 1 inches at 25 yards
  • Laser duration: Laser lights instantly when struck, turns off .5 seconds after striker leaves end cap.
Laser Cartridge User Guide Special Note for Rifle Laser Cartridges

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